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New Music is finally here

After what seems like an eternity, Mea Culpa, my new single, is out on all streaming platforms. "Mea culpa" is a song that represents a struggle with misplaced blame and guilt. The lyrics reflect self-realization and the desire to break toxic cycles. Whether its overcoming addiction, a troubled relationship, or mental health struggles, this song encompasses the perspective of someone who is sick of feeling out of control of their life.

I have a bunch of new music that I have been working on heading into 2024 that will release soon. A future bass collaboration with CRTFD, a new house track with Pauli Gabrieli, a drum and bass banger that I co-wrote with Lvcas Watter, and a dubstep cover of Amy Winehouse's Back to Black that will release close to when the movie about here life comes out this spring.

Stay tuned for a ton of great new music soon.

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